My Story

My name is Laura Terrnova and this is a little about me.

My Values

I think this is probably the most important place to start for my story since my values as a parent is what has driven the creation of this blog. As a mother of two, I want raise happy, inquisitive and resilient children.

I was raised in Melbourne by a family who value education and working hard to achieve your goals. I value life-long learning and being passionate about what you do. While education is something that I hold dear, I do also believe that education does not necessarily mean “being good at your school work”. There is often a focus in traditional learning on the ability to memorize facts and repeat. Education and learning is so much more – it is about being intuitive, creative and being able to work through problems. Additionally, I highly value emotional and social intelligence. Without this intelligence, how do we function with our peers, colleagues, etc to have ongoing successes in our lives?

I believe in compassion. Once you understand someone else’s story, we create better connections with those around us and reduce conflict in our every day. A bit of empathy goes a long way, while building our own confidence and resilience to situations.

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My Background

I am writing this blog not as a children’s health or educational professional, but as a mother whose family is the centre of her universe.

I was born in Melbourne and raised in a big, loving Italian family. In my early teens, my family uprooted to live in Canada, where I completed high school and my undergraduate studies. I moved back to Australia in my early twenties to make a family and life of my own.

While I was undertaking my Bachelor of Arts, I discovered a passion for architecture, building and construction. While I went on to complete my Bachelor’s degree, I transitioned into architectural drafting and eventually into building surveying. I have completed graduate studies in building surveying.

I currently work in the construction industry as an assisting building surveyor – I love the technical aspects and constant challenges of each unique project. I also have experience in teaching subjects on the built environment at a tertiary level and developing eLearning subjects.