Lucky Frog.

Oi Dog! by Kes & Claire Gray

Further to my review of Oi Cat! (see my post When you really should have put your foot in your mouth), we went back over to our local library and took out Oi Dog!

Despite reading these books out of order (should have been Oi Frog – Oi Dog – then Oi Cat last!), this book in the series was as big of a hit as Oi Cat!

The book is full of hilarious and detailed illustrations – you get a little more out of them every time you look at them.

The premise of the story and the rhyme is similar to Oi Cat!, but looks at a new set of animals that sit on various things. This further extends the vocabulary that is being taught in the books. There does also appear to be an added layer of repetition in the book, reinforcing what the words your youngster is learning.

The book ends with a very lucky frog who can sit on whatever he likes!

A great series of books for pre-school and young school age children, and a whole lot of storytime fun for the family.

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