Who is my treasure?

Hello Baby! by Mem Fox

This book holds special sentimental value for me. It was the first book I read to my daughter and is also written by my favourite children’s author.

A sweet book which is perfect for cuddling up with your baby while learning about animals and body parts.

The book is written such that the person reading asks a series of direct questions to baby. Wonderfully interactive and engaging.

Available for purchase at Dymocks, Angus & Robertson and for borrow at Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries (check your own local libraries too!).


“Clever monkey babies, dusty lion babies, sleepy leopard babies, hairy warthog babies. But which is the most treasured one of all?”

Suitable for babies in particular, but also great to use as a teaching tool (word and letter recognition) for pre-school age children.

What I love about this book

The language used in this book is clear, simple and repetitive, making it a fantastic first book.

This book is best with baby on your lap, so you can touch baby’s nose, “paws”, toes, eyes, etc as you read. You can then end with a big cuddle when you work out who is the most treasured baby of all!..

The illustrations are textural and realistic looking due to the use of a paper cut-and-paste effect.

Storytime Tips and Activities

  • Read this book cuddled up on a chair with baby.
  • Point to baby’s body parts as you read them.
  • Take the time to go through identifying each animal and making the sound they make.
  • Build up the suspense on the second last page (“Then who are you, baby? Wait, let me guess…Are you my treasure? The answer is…”), with a resounding YES at the end.
  • Place your hand on top of the parent’s hand at the illustration at the end, with baby’s hand on the other to show togetherness.

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