Follow the Leader

Can You Make a Scary Face by Jan Thomas

I would strongly recommend not reading this one to your kids right before bedtime! It is not a relaxing book. Rather, it is a whole lot of fun that will have the kids playing a silly game of follow the leader with a rather bossy lady bug. This book is high energy.

Available for purchase at Dymocks and to borrow at Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries (check you own local libraries too!).


“What kind of a face would you make if a tickly green bug were sitting on your nose? Or if it were eek inside your shirt? Could you make a scary face to frighten it away? Or, even better, stand up and do the chicken dance? Yes? Then better get to it!”

This book is suitable for:

  • Babies – bright and simple illustrations to capture their interest.
  • Toddlers – fun interacting with the lady bug’s questions/requests.
  • Preschool – fun interacting with the lady bug’s questions/requests and simple language for letter/word recognition.

What I love about this book

The book is written such that the lady bug is talking directly to the reader. The ask-and-respond nature of the book is engaging for children of various ages.

The requests given by the bossy-boots lady bug will get your children acting silly and are highly entertaining.

While the storyline or ideas presented in the book were not particularly complex or educational, it was a nice to have a light-hearted shake up to storytime. Good, simple, silly fun.

Storytime Tips and Activities

  • Try reading this one during the day as it may wind your children up a bit.
  • Follow the lady bug’s instructions with your child.
  • Have fun reading this with an “over-the-top” voice and have a laugh with your child at the silly actions that the lady bug will have you doing!
  • If you want to make this book a bit more educational – run your fingers over the words as you read and play letter/word recognition with your child.

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